Return to Brasília

After the death of her husband in a terrible car accident on the Via Dutra in 1976, D. Sarah dedicated herself body and soul to the struggle to build the JK Memorial in Brasilia. She began to contract the works, closely following each stage of construction. In 1991, when her daughter Marcia was elected vice-governor of the Federal District, D. Sarah closed up her apartment in Rio de Janeiro and moved definitively to the city that she had helped to build. Once again, she saw her life tied to the political life of Brasilia and of Brazil.

Aside from helping the political career of her daughter, D. Sarah, who was already president of the JK Memorial, was able to participate effectively in the work of the institution, in which she would continue to play her role as first lady, with all the elegance and charisma that always marked her personality.

Visitors to the Memorial felt very honored to be received by D. Sarah. It was a very joyful and festive routine she maintained until the eve of her death on February 4, 1996.