Campaign Donation

A month after the death of JK, D. Sarah decided that something must be done to preserve the memory of the man that led by example, by his works and by his democratic ideals, which deserve to be remembered, studied, perpetuated by future generations.

Convinced of the duty to bring about his ideal, D. Sarah set herself the task of acquiring land in Brasilia where she would build a monument in memory of her illustrious husband, not only to serve as a mausoleum for the mortal remains of the President and a museum for the papers and documents of his life, but also as a motivating cultural dynamic, promoting cycles of lectures, concerts and studies of art, as well as the personality of JK.

During an audience with President Joao Figueiredo, the singer and siren Silvio Caldas, an old friend of the Kubitschek family, spoke of D. Sarah’s struggle and about the difficulties she had been meeting to set up the dreamt Memorial. The president, moved, was willing to help and to receive D. Sarah, who wasted no time and soon made arrangements for the hearing. On July 18, 1979, D. Sarah was received at the Presidential Palace by President Figueiredo, who at the same time, authorized the selection and donation of land to achieve the dream of such a determined woman. At the end of the hearing, confident that she could quickly raise the Memorial, D. Sarah marked the date of its opening for the day September 12, 1981, JK’s birthday.