Years of Exile

I talked freely with the poor guards who were amazed with the manner I spoke. During this period I went mad several times.

D.Sarah Kubitschek

With the military coup in 1964, then-senator from Goiás, Juscelino Kubitschek, was barred from political office, and had to leave his beloved country for three long and painful years of exile in Lisbon, New York and Paris. A cruel punishment imposed on a man who thought only of Brazil.

It was in this moment that D. Sarah showed her true colors: stronger, braver than at election time or during the period at the palaces.

Exiled in a foreign and cold country, she was now responsible for all the domestic chores of a small two-bedroom apartment, constant, in partnership, at the side of her husband, demonstrating a tranquility that she wouldn’t have thought she had. D. Sarah supported her husband through the former president’s dangerous decision to return to Brazil for the funeral of Nana, his only sister. She accepted that test with total dignity.