D. Sarah Kubitschek

Sarah Luiza Gomes de Lemos was the daughter of Mr James Gomes de Souza Lemos and Dona Luiza Negrao de Lemos. Born in Belo Horizonte she graduated from St. Mary College in that city. It was just one of the school parties, as usual for the youth of the time that she was introduced to the young student of Medicine, Kubitschek then 25.

They became engaged, but for a brief period, the young urologist decided to break off the relationship and travel to Europe to do a specialization course and reassess his goals for the future. On his return, they resumed dating and were married on December 30, 1931, at Our Lady of Peace Church in Rio de Janeiro.

Dona Sarah Kubitschek always supported JK in his political life. She encouraged him to accept the position of Chief of Staff (Gabinete Civil) of the Government of Minas Gerais. After this first step, others came: Congressman, Mayor of Belo Horizonte, again Congressman, Governor of Minas Gerais, President of the Republic and, finally, Senator for the state of Goias.

The brilliant career of President Kubitschek resulted for the first lady  in a life of many restrictions and struggles, typical of women who are partners of personalities that contribute to the history of a country.