The Man

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Acaiaca Club in Belo Horizonte, when he was mayor, 1940 - 1945.

I am a visceral democrat. For me, freedom is fundamental.

President Juscelino Kubitschek

If there is something I can praise in myself it is the fact that I am the same man before and after having experienced power.

President Juscelino Kubitschek

JK’s Principles: solidarity, dedication, and fraternity

Simplicity, warmth, comprehension, solidarity, dedication, and fraternity are words that describe President Juscelino Kubitscheck’s personality and character.

He was a man faithful to his old masters, to his friends and mainly to his own principles: truth, justice and democracy.

From his mother, JK inherited firmness and determination in the fulfilment of his tasks and duties; from his father, João César, the imagination and the dream, strong qualities in Juscelino. Beyond these characteristics, he possessed an untamed and progressive spirit. President JK was a nationalist, a believer in the abilities of the Brazilian people, and a conciliatory and tolerant man. JK was a hard and relentless worker, who needed just a few hours of sleep before returning to work. Despite his little rest, he was always in good spirits. He enjoyed popular guitar music. Joy and optimism were part of his daily life. He enjoyed watching a sunrise or a sunset, and a beautiful moon night. He was a receptive and communicative person who showed what he felt and thought with a vivacity that made him seem much younger. However, he was a mature man, blessed with extremely fast reasoning and judgement so that he would frequently conclude thoughts of his interlocutors before they did. In difficulties or when faced with misfortune, he was never weakened or discouraged but found forces to continue his mission: to bring democracy and development to Brasil.


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